Visitation FAQs

When will in-person visiting happen?
Beginning on Saturday, May 1, 2021, NDOC will allow in-person visitation for facilities deemed safe by the Wardens. Visiting hours will vary by facility, but are usually scheduled between 7am and 8pm. Visiting slots will be limited based on space availability in accordance with COVID-19 safety protocols.
Am I required to take a COVID-19 test in order to visit?
Yes. A Binaxnow test will be administered during your check in on the day of your scheduled visit.
Will there be extended visits for people coming from out of town/state?
Not at this time. The policy will be re-evaluated in 30 days.
Why is it limited to children 5 and older?
To comply with the mandatory requirement of mask usage during visitation, children under the age of 5 are excluded. This was decided due to their developmental ability to comply with mask requirements.
Do children count as one visitor as well?
Yes, children count as one visitor.
How long is the visit?
In-person visits are 2 hours in duration. Each facility will clean between visits.
Will you take walk-ins without an appointment?
No. Only confirmed in-person visits will be allowed. No walk-in visits will be accommodated at this time.
Will visiting spaces be properly sanitized?
Yes. All tables, chairs, doorknobs, counters and other high-touch areas will be cleaned and disinfected in between visits.